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What is the liquid inside the bottle?

The liquid inside the bottle is un-fermented beer (wort). It is brewed in our own micro-brewery in Mississauga by our German brew-master using only all natural ingredients including the best Canadian prairie two-row barley malt. It is already brewed for your convenience – all that’s left for you to do is ferment it. The fermentation process converts the sugary wort (non-alcoholic) into beer (alcoholic).

Why is the MB Bottle Brew beer making process so unique?

Large commercial breweries ferment and age their beer without pressure and then artificially force carbon gas (Co2) into the otherwise flat beer to give it its bubbles. Quality conscious micro-breweries tend to ferment their beer without pressure but later age it under pressure to create natural carbonation. The beer is then filtered and filled into bottles.

Another method of putting bubbles into beer is called “Bottle Conditioning” or “Real Ale”. This centuries old method means that the beer is sealed into the bottle with yeast and a little sugar. The yeast consumes the sugar and carbonates the beer. Bottle Conditioned beers has been making a resurgence as the natural presence of yeast does magic to the taste and flavour of the beer.

The MB Bottle Brew beer making method is very unique in the world of beer as it is fermented and aged under pressure inside the bottle. This matchless pressure technique provides for a smoother tasting beer with a unique flavour dynamic different than all other beers as well as a champagne-like mouth feel.

How can I tell when my MB Bottle Brew is finished?

Hold the bottle to a light source and look through the bottle. If it is very clear (as or almost as clear as before you added the yeast), it is done. If it is still cloudy, keep fermenting it and check it again in a few days.

How many days does it take to get finished?

Generally, it takes about 10 to 14 days before the beer is finished. The time is dependent on how warm or cold you ferment it: The colder – the slower, the warmer – the faster.

Where should I ferment my MB Bottle Brew?

Try to find a warm area in your house, especially during the colder winter months. Keep it off the floor, as it is much colder on the floor than on a counter. You must ensure that the ambient temperature of the area is at least 20. Ideal is between 22˚ to 25˚. Best if you check with a thermometer to assure the correct temperature. Keep it out of direct sunlight. However, light or indirect sunlight does not affect the quality. Always ferment it upright.

How should I store my MB Bottle Brew when it is finished?

Keep storing the beer at room temperature (not in direct sunlight). This will ensure that it is completely fermented. Never store it in your fridge or somewhere cold unless you want to drink it. Only refrigerate bottles that you intend to consume in the next few days. Storing it cold may cause it to be over-carbonated. You can store it at room temperature up to 2 months. It won’t spoil at room temperature. Always store it upright.

Why is my beer so bubbly and foams wildly when I open the bottle and/or pour it?

The fermentation temperature was too cold (below 20˚ A cold liquid absorbs more Co2 than a warm one. Please ferment it warmer the next time.

The beer was not fully fermented when it was refrigerated. It will continue to ferment even at very cold temperatures and absorb too much Co2. Please ensure the beer is fully fermented prior to cooling it. Store all beer at room temperature. Do not store cold. Only refrigerate bottles that you want to consume.

Beer was not properly refrigerated (too short or not cold enough). It takes time to chill a 2 liter bottle of beer in the fridge. We recommend chilling for at least 12 hours prior to consumption. This will also make the yeast sediment more compact.

Pour your beer on an angle into the tilted glass to prevent it from getting agitated.

Will my beer go flat if I don’t drink the whole bottle?

We recommend consuming each bottle within about 3 days after opening. The less beer remaining in the bottle, the faster it will go flat.

What is the sediment on the bottom when my MB Bottle Brew is finished?

The white sediment on the bottom of the bottle is brewer’s yeast. This is completely natural and supposed to be there.

What is the best way to serve MB Bottle Brew?

Avoid tilting the bottle quickly when pouring. This helps to not disturb the yeast sediment. If you pour multiple glasses, don’t tilt the bottle all the way back between glasses. Best is to pour a few big glasses instead of many small ones. A beer pitcher is ideal for parties.

What is the brown ring inside the neck of the bottle?

The brown ring is caused by the proteins and yeast interacting in the beer. It is all natural and does not affect the quality.

Is home brewing legal in Canada?

Yes. Home brewing and wine making is legal in Canada. Distilling to make hard liquor is not legal.

What determines the alcohol percentage of MB Bottle Brew?

The percentage of alcohol is predetermined by the amount of fermentable sugar dissolved. It is not dependent on the amount of yeast added. We recommend to not adding any additional sugar, molasses, honey or maple syrup, which can cause extreme fermentation and potentially cause the bottle to explode.

How much does MB Bottle Brew cost?

MB Bottle Brew comes packed in cases of 4 – 2 Litre bottles. Therefore each case contains 8 litres, the equivalent of 24 bottles of beer. A case of MB Bottle Brew usually retails for between $24 and $30 depending on the region and retailer.

An individual 2 Litre bottle usually sells for between $6 and $7 depending on the region and retailer.

The bottlecap on my MB Bottle Brew looks like it’s about to explode. What’s going on?

As the fermentation process takes place, the contents within the bottle become pressurized. The special bottlecap that comes with our product provides enough give to keep the whole bottle from exploding.

Can I purchase MB Bottle Brew online?

Each case of MB Bottle Brew (4 bottles) weights 20 Lbs, or just over 9 Kg. Therefore it is pretty expensive to ship the product from our brewery to your home. We would suggest that you visit the closest retailer to your location. This makes an online order system somewhat redundant.

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